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Coaching Chaotic Situations: Loose-Ball Phases and Clearances

For the 24th door of Konzeptfussball’s Advent calendar, I thought it would be interesting to expand upon a topic which is often overlooked in coaching. A lot of coaching is done on organized phases of the game such as: goal kicks (build up and high pressing), corner kicks, free kicks, and throw ins. Other organized phases can arise throughout the match such as midfield or low pressing in defensive organization and possession in midfield or finishing attacks in offensive organization.



Juego de Posición under Pep Guardiola

14 out of 19 trophies were won in his time at FC Barcelona. 4 trophies out of a possible 6 were won in his first season with Bayern Munich. This piece will analyze the Juego de Posicion football philosophy of Pep Guardiola in his second season with Bayern Munich. (more…)

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