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Video: New Goal Kick Rules and Strategies

I detailed the new goal kick rules made by FIFA and potential strategies for it. I touch on the effect it will have on build-up as well as pressing!


Video: Messi and Iniesta under Guardiola

I explain the reason for Guardiola moving Messi into the center of the field and how he consistently used players to free up spaces in the center for Messi and Iniesta to receive the ball and create dangerous attacks from. I also explain a bit why he moved away from this approach at Bayern and at City.



Video: In-Depth Analysis on Zonal Marking

I explain a popular tactical concept in football when out of possession: Zonal Marking! I go into depth about the tactical details of the approach.


Video: What are Pressing Traps?

I explain a not often talked about modern tactical concept which managers such as Jurgen Klopp and clubs such as Red Bull Leipzig have had success using: Pressing Traps!


Video: What is Counter- or Gegenpressing?

In this video analysis, I break down a key tactical concept in the success of Klopp, Heynckes, Guardiola, and clubs like Red Bull!


Video: The FC Barcelona and Pep Guardiola Philosophy Explained

I detail the possession and positional philosophy of FC Barcelona and Pep Guardiola!


Video: How To Break Down a 4-4-2 Using Positional Play

I detail how to break down a 4-4-2 defensive block with a positional attack approach.


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